Why I Am Running

Currently, there are no elected minorities on the State Board of Education. That means a large segment of Ohio’s families are not having their stories told, and therefore are not having their educational needs met. Some of our state leaders don’t understand that poverty creates a greater need for resources. A State Rep once told me, “Kids in Cleveland’s district get the same money my kids in Mayfield Hts. get. What’s the problem?” During an interview, another State Rep once said, “When I went to school, we had 50 kids in my class, and I learned just fine.” Our school funding is inequitable, and yet everyone is judged by the same test. That is so unfair! I’ll make sure State School Board members have the information they need to make better decisions. I’m not naive, just hopeful. This is my opportunity to advocate for strengthening our public schools and preserving them for future generations.