Meryl at a demonstration

Meryl’s Priorities

All of Ohio’s children have a right to attend public schools that do not drown them in unnecessary tests. Schools should be places where teachers have the time to enjoy teaching and to develop meaningful relationships with their students. At a time when school should be fun, our youngest children are faking tummy aches so they don’t have to go take those “stupid tests.” Many of our experienced, dynamic teachers have become so demoralized they’re fleeing a profession that they love.

I am also running to push for more accountability and transparency for charter schools. Our tax dollars are being wasted in a corrupt system that makes it very easy for people to steal. You can report a student population of 300, and the state will send you the money with no proof needed. $25 million still remains uncollected from charter schools that have closed.

Third, and just as important, I believe teachers’ and students’ voices must be an integral part of educational decisions that are made by State Board members. I will arrange for their input to be included in discussions.